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Home » Latest News » Tennis Princess Voted Sexiest Armpits at Wimbledon

Maria Sharapova Voted Sexiest Armpits at Wimbledon

Maria Sharapova Voted Sexiest Armpits at Wimbledon

July 02, 2011

Wimbledon, which some think is mostly a British event, has come under a barrage of new international scrutiny for by the IAFA, the International Armpit Fetish Association.

Ivan Pectoralva, president of the IAFA announced that tennis is the greatest armpit spectacle in the world, "Where else can you see the most underrated part of the body exposed every few seconds. It is magnificent sport! Every time somebody serves, the IAFA membership wins! This year our 11 members have voted Maria Sharapova to have the sexiest armpits at Wimbledon."

When asked why the IAFA can exist with only 11 members from 12 different countries, Ivan said, "We have one member who is British/Canadian, so we count both countries, she writes for The Spoof, the rest are just a collection of idiots from around the globe. We use to have several hundred members, but then we increased our dues from free to two sticks of deodorant. For some this seemed to ruin things. I don't know why, they're a bit strange."

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